Become WordPress Expert - Online Course

Learn WordPress Website design and development from scratch. The best WP course for beginners in Pakistan with a free internship program

Classes will be start from 25 Sep 2022

Physical and Online Classes

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WordPress Course Details

Course Duration: 12 Weeks

Class Days: 3 Days

Class Time: Depends on available Slot

Class Duration: 1 - 1.5 Hour

Recommended For: Beginners

Free Access to Paid Tools: ✔

Course Fee: Free

Requirments: PC & Internet

Regular Assignment: ✔

Why you need to learn WP from SDM?

24/7 Indiviual Support

1 Month Internship

Portfolio and CV Creation

Free Communication Course

What You'll Learn...


Why you need to Learn this WordPress Expert Course?

WordPress is that the software is completely free and open-source, meaning that you can literally build features and capabilities on top of it and improve the existing website that you have.

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