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Best 7 Video Editing Software for Beginners

Best video editing software is the most important part of marketing strategy. If you’re not using video marketing techniques already, you’re missing out. About 85% of marketers say that video helps them increase sales and 81% of marketers have gone so far as to use paid media to promote brands or services on social media platforms and users love video, too, with 54% of people wanting marketers to produce more video content and social media video generating as much as 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. As some marketers say,

“If the content is king, video is the crown”

video editing software

Why do we need Best Video Editing Software as a Beginner?

As with any good video in order to get it right, it’ll need some edits. Editing your videos shouldn’t be that expensive either as there is some good, free, safe, and easy video editing software for professional video editing.

Video editing has been made easy by tools that are readily available. A lot of such freeware packages are harmful and contain spyware/adware. Nevertheless, there is a lot that is quite professional and there are even some that come without watermarks.

As there are so many on the market, we’ve put together a selection of the top 7 of the best free video editing software list.

List to top 7 video editing software for free

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro
  2. Wondershare Filmora
  3. open short
  4. Lumen5
  5. Corel VideoStudio Pro
  6. Movavi Video Editor
  7. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium 2021

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the common choice for most video professionals but it also has a user-friendly interface making it the perfect choice for beginners. You can edit videos for a color grade, adjust video sound, and import graphics and special effects from other Adobe apps.


  • Windows
  • Mac

Key Features:

  • Import footage from any file format you want
  • Trim footage with precision in single click
  • Add animation and video effects
  • Manage your audio editing and sound effects
  • Adjust color grading and cinematics

2. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora, as the name goes, offers many wonders. It’s a very easy video editing software where you can produce great-quality videos free of cost. 

Whether you’re on a Mac or Windows, this video editing software works smoothly. You can import files from your gadget, memory card, or hard drive all at once. After that, the possibilities are endless. 

From full-length films to short ads, Filmora’s toolsets are more than enough. Using a linear video editing style, you can simply arrange your clips in a sequence and add one-click visual enhancements. That’s what makes it an easy-to-use video editing software. 


  • Windows
  • Mac

Key Features:

  • Import footages from any file formate
  • You have hundreds of transitions to choose from
  •  Its background sound removal is the key to a clearer sound for your video
  • It comes with a 30-day free trial! Here are your options
  1. Subscription Plan – $44.99 per year
  2. Perpetual Plan – $69.99 one-time fee 
  • downloadable free version that lets you edit 10 videos without a Filmora watermark.

3. open short

OpenShot’s easy-to-use user interface makes it a great video editing program for intermediate editors. While more complex tools may offer more editing components, OpenShot’s intuitive interface and minimal design are perfect for simple editing.

It doesn’t have a huge array of editing features, but it’s a perfect option for beginners to use for basic editing. OpenShot is useful for Resizing, Trimming, Scaling, Snapping, and Rotation. In addition, you’ll find features like scrolling credits, time mapping, audio editing, frame stepping, and real-time preview.

Platforms:  Windows



Key Features:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Video effects like Greenscreen, Hue, Brightness etc
  • Unlimited layers for audio tracks, background and videos
  • Keyframe animation capabilities

4. Lumen5

Let’s Talk about the best video editing, minus the editing. Sounds ridiculous, but we’re dead serious! Lumen5 is the easiest video editor for brand videos, ads, campaigns, and anything in between.

It’s a web-based platform with a bunch of online editing features. Its text-to-video feature simply works like magic. If you have written content and you want to make that into a video, you can just insert the link and the digital video creator will give you a storyboard. Visuals, music, transitions, and all.


  •   Online

Key Features:

  • Artificial intelligence to create videos quickly and easily
  • Searchable library with millions of free media files and templates
  • Customize your videos to match the look and feel of your services or brand
  • Optimize every video to improve conversion rates

5. Corel VideoStudio Pro

Like how the technology works, Corel is in a constant state of development. And in the video editing world, the latest version of VideoStudio Pro offers vision mixing features that will satisfy editing newcomers.


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linx

Key Features:

  • Quick Imports can be done via hard drive
  • Basic corrections are done in a few clicks
  •  This panel gives you 150+ transitions and animations 
  • VideoStudio’s Smart Slideshow Creator 
  •  Highlight Reel takes the center stage here
  • Capture, Edit, and Share. Switching between these panels

6. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi is a great video editing software for beginners. It includes drag-and-drop controls, audio editing, transitions, filters, and you can export to popular video formats or share directly from the software. Movavi also gives users the ability to cut and splice videos, create customized titles, and sync sound to images.


  • Windows
  • Mac

Key Features:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Built-in intros, videos, backgrounds and music
  • Filters, transitions, titles and effects
  • Keyframe animation of titles, overlay video, stickers etc

7. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

If are a PC user, then you’re probably searching for the easiest video editing software other than the very basic Windows Movie Maker. In that case, we have a great match. Feature and performance-wise, the best option would be MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium 2021.

From the get-go, the clean and straightforward interface won’t make you feel out of place. It’s quite similar to the Premiere Pro workspace, but this is much easier than other editing software. You get multiple tracks for inserting video, audio, and graphic blocks that are easy to manipulate.


  • Windows
  • Mac

Key Features:

  • Get multiple tracks for inserting video, audio, and graphic 
  • Import your media with a drag-and-drop setting
  • Export your project up to the highest 8K Ultra HD quality
  • Its Multicam editing also lets you connect your camera 
  •  Three packages to choose from:
  1. Pro – $69.99
  2. Plus – $99.99
  3. Premium – $129.99
  • Downloadable free version you can use for 30 days

Choose the Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

There you have it! The 7 best video edit software for beginners that we’re loving right now. Many of these tools offer free trials, so you can test them out and find the tool that works best for you. Each video editing software we’ve listed here has its own pros and cons, but you’re the best judge of what features you absolutely need and which ones you can live without. When choosing the best video editing software, though, there are a few things that must consider.


For beginners to purchase bets video editing software may be quite difficult, you’ll definitely want to find software that is either free or offers a free trial so you can take the time to get to know the software and use it to edit a video or two before you commit.

Integrations and Platforms:

The platforms you’re going to use to edit your videos will dictate the video editing software you can use, to a degree. Some of the tools on this list are available across platforms but a few of them are available only for specific platforms (such as iMovie for Mac) or devices.


When we are looking for the best video editing software for beginners, you’ll want to choose software that has a user-friendly interface and have some free trials with a little-to-no learning curve.

Best Features

Think about the features that you need for your video editing projects. It helps to make a list of the features you absolutely need, features that would be nice to have, and features you don’t really need. Armed with this information.

mrtverse expecttion reality

What is Metaverse? Future of Crypto Blockchain Technology

A door toward the virtual world

People are curious about the Metaverse expectations and reality. Of course, Metaverse is not real but what is its reality? let’s understand !!

Video calling is very common these days. A simple Android phone can do just that, and with the advancement of the 4G or 5G Internet, the participation of online virtual classes and video links from thousands of miles away is no longer a big deal.

  But have you ever thought that you are sitting in your room eating delicious rice and looking out of your window at your beautiful garden, with the amazing noise of rain and the cool breeze that touches your face and your heart?.

Introduction Of Metaverse

And at that moment, you miss your loved one thousands of miles away. In this magnetic moment, you can not only enjoy the sound of rain but also share rice with your partner and feel it in front of you. But it does not end here. that is not all.

Both of you can feel and touch the rice or any thing other, and she can also feel all these events and phenomena. Imagine she is standing in front of you, and you can talk to each other without a break, 
so you can go for a walk on any beach or mountainous area where you can enjoy gliding.

You can do whatever you want !! I may not be able to explain well but trust the developers of the amazing technology who claim more than I have just described. I know you have a lot of questions. Patience!!

A new universe will answer all questions, but Let’s move on to a new universe where you can find all the answers.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a virtual environment that will be like the real world, where people will meet, play and work. but you do not know about the metaverse expectation and reality, suppose, You think that you will feel like a 3d movie!!. No, you are thinking wrong. You will not look at the screen and see the pictures and characters moving.

Introduction Of Metaverse and its expectation reality

but, you find yourself in a world with many practically interconnected communities in an endless virtual environment.

You can initially enter this world using virtual reality headsets, smartphone apps, other devices, or augmented reality glasses.

History Of Metaverse

A science fiction novel written in 1992 has started the term metaverse. Two words that are used in this novel are “meta” and “universe.” so the metaverse term started as the portmanteau of “meta” and “universe.” 

With the development of social media and the technological world, the metaverse trend has been reaching the height of the sky.

Metaverse is the biggest attraction and fast-growing digital industry.

Its discussion and movement in every technology world have increased since the involvement of many economic and social media pillars(e.g Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg). the intrust of people in this imaginary world can be imagined from the searches about ”how to buy land in the metaverse.”

Metaverse expectations and reality

Let’s discuss Metaverse expectations and reality. Expectations linked to metaverse are countless and increasing day by day. The main stakeholders in this category have decided to participate with a huge budget.
Ultimately they will get back this budget from the metaverse world with a huge profit.
( they can see the future of a real-world that is moving toward the virtual world)

Metaverse Expectations Reality, facebook

You can easily get a clear idea of ​​the metaverse expectations going on for a few years now due to the covid pandemic.

Many digital and social media companies like Facebook and Microsoft talk about Metaverse. According to a recent Facebook announcement, Facebook will invest billions of dollars in Metaverse product streams. You are well aware that Facebook has changed its company’s name and is now known as Meta.

Mark Zuckerberg said,

“In the years to come, I expect people to see us as a metaverse company rather than primarily as a social media company.”

On the other hand, Microsoft also talked about “Enterprise Metaverse” for corporate computing in its conference call with analysts earlier this year.

You should not be surprised if many other companies like chipmaker Nvidia Corp, Roblox, and Epic Games have also started many projects on Metaverse.

Metaverse Expectations Reality, facebook

With the cryptocurrency, many coins and crypto tokens also started games and related future projects on Metaverse.

How Metaverse Going To Change The World

Whether MetaVers has the potential to change the world? it is an important question, but how it will change the world is a big question. So the world is very curious to know about it as much as it is being talked about because it is a topic that can be very important.

  No one knows what the future holds and how it can change the world.

  What’s important about this is that technologies have the potential to change the world, and they can be important in terms of the Metaverse.

But, of course, the most important of these technologies are VR, AI, and AR. My point is not to discuss virtual reality and augmented reality, but I will offer more perspective.

Virtual Reality(VR) Technology And Metaverse

Virtual reality technology has the potential to change the world. This technology will help create artificial environments using computers.

So the first question is whether the Metaverse can change the world? The answer is Yes. It will change the world and can change the world completely.

Because there is a lot of work being done on virtual reality in the world right now,

Virtual Reality(VR) Technology And Metaverse

and it is not far off, the time to come will consist entirely of virtual reality. Many video games are clear evidence of this.

If we talk about Augmented reality (AR), then it is the biggest trend of technology in the world right now, and as the use of Augmented reality (AR)devices in the world is increasing so much, this trend is increasing and more.

Metaverse And Augmented Reality(AR)?

You must have heard about augmented reality being used in many games. After all, technology can change the world because augmented reality often incorporates digital elements into live views using a camera on a smartphone.

When the video is playing live, we add various custom digital elements that suit the video or adjust them as we wish.

Metaverse And Augmented Reality(AR)?

Artificial Intelligence And Metaverse

Artificial intelligence is a technology that will be a Metaverse companion and very important inside. Its role will be as the computer’s CPU that runs all the details and data inside the computer.

Artificial intelligence is being used nowadays. This technology is present in many services and apps used on the Internet.

 But this is just the first step. It is incomplete, and this artificial intelligence cannot be powerful enough to run an artificial environment.

Still, it is very important for today’s era because there is so much inside. So research is possible and is happening.

Artificial Intelligence And Metaverse

So don’t be discouraged because artificial intelligence can change the environment.


It is clear from this whole conversation that Meta World is the center of attention. And the world is talking about it, there are a lot of sectors that are connected to Metaverse, they are now optimistic about its success.

And there is a strong possibility of further growth in these sectors as well, because if the related sectors grow, then no one can stop Metaverse from coming. This is the future, we are hearing the name of towers in many video games, cryptocurrency, or any related fields.

Big companies like Facebook and Microsoft are talking about it. And there’s a lot of research going on, which is proof that big companies that can make good investments have the ability to do research on any job and make it work.

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