7 Best NFT Roadmap Template with Examples 2022

Across hundreds of NFTs Roadmap that ranked best in the marketplace were focused while selecting the best NFT Roadmap templates, listed on the world’s trusted NFT platform Open Sea.

The goal was to select the roadmap template that would be most understandable and catchy from the users’ perspective.

I’m super sure these selections will meet your needs, and many of them you will want to choose for your project.

Another characteristic of these NFT Roadmap templates that are selected by Sky Digital Academy Team, is these templates are slightly editable and can be modified with a new look.

But before we move further you should know about the roadmap templates, so that you can check these with a critical look.

Roadmap in NFT? and Why is it Important?

NFT Roadmap

NFT roadmap is a planning tool that provides the guideline and target working for the future.
These are step-by-step guidelines and working details and project descriptions that help both creators and users maintain their need for NFT.

The NFT Roadmap is a guideline, path director, manager, and step-by-step instruction that provides task description, guidance, and management in the NFT project.

In the other words, the NFT roadmap is a list of milestones, high-level targets, and also expectations about the NFT product.

Importance of NFT Roadmap

The NFT Roadmap templates play a key role in the NFT project. The importance of things makes it valuable and the importance of a roadmap in any project is like a light in a dark night.

Not only does it keep you awake, but it also helps you find your way, identifies things, keeps you on track, and gets you to your destination.
From the words of a wise man.

When you sort and list your problem on paper, half the problem is solved.

A roadmap is necessary to assess the current state of the project, it tells you where you are, and where you should be.
It is your commitment to the project, the best tester, and motivator so it provides the energy to work.

Besides these, the following are the major importance of an NFT roadmap.

  • The NFT roadmap keeps the creators active, motivated, and on track.
  • The creators and users both move forward to the roadmap.
  • NFT roadmap keeps you updated and share success story after achieving a milestone.
  • An NFT roadmap is needed for the project audit, review, change, and modification.
  • The roadmap not only helps the creator but also fulfills the key to user satisfaction

Short Term vs Long Term Roadmap

Short Term Roadmap

in the NFT project, the roadmap issued by the creators is variable and time-dependent. the time duration may be very long to small. For example, it may be on a monthly basis or a quaternary basis.

All the events that going to happen in the next small period of time are called a short-term roadmap. it is mostly one monthly roadmap, and after the compilation of this, new next month, the roadmap begins to start.

Actually, in the short-term roadmap, the whole roadmap is divided into short segments, and the reasons are following.

  • It provides organization
  • It helps to complete the task within the time during and allowed time.

Examples of Short NFT Roadmap templates

Long Term Roadmap

As I mentioned earlier in the NFT project, the roadmap released by the creators is variable and time-dependent.
All events that occur over a relatively long period of time are called long-term roadmaps. It is mostly a quarterly roadmap and is mostly represented by Q1, Q2, Q3, etc.
Along with the short-term roadmap, the long-term roadmap is also divided into sections, but these sections are relatively long, and the reasons are as follows.

  • This provides a great deal of time for the organization.
  • It helps to complete the work randomly without any organization within a quarter.
  • Quarterly, there may be a slight delay or delay due to the availability of maximum time at any of the specifically listed events.

Examples of Long NFT Roadmap templates

7 Best NFT Roadmap Templates


Bored Ape are world top class NFT on Opensea with High Volume trading from the previous month in the market, for complete details of this project and the roadmap template of BAYC you can visit their website

bored ape NFT roadmap

2. Azuki NFT

Azuki Japanese Art is also very famous on the market, their roadmap is simple as you can see their template,

azuki NFT roadmap sample

3. BabyTikiTribes NFT

Baby Tiki Tribes is a newly launched project with a great example of their short term roadmap, visit their website for minting NFT or full details about the project

baby tiki roadmap template

4. Tom Jerry NFT

Tom jerry Token (TJT) is a new Crypto token launched on BSC network, they are still creating their project and NFT. their roadmap is still not completed so you can visit the website for an updated roadmap NFT templated and details

tom jerry token roadmap

5. Meta Cab NFT

MetaCab NFT is also a new project in the world of Blockchain, their long-term roadmap is also lovely.

meta cab nft roadmap

6. CyberKongz NFT

Cyber Kongz NFT is one of the top volumes on the Ethereum Blockchain, their roadmap is beautiful, you can see the sample below or live on their website.

cyberkongz nft roadmap

7. Cool Cats NFT

cool cat is also one of the top NFT on the market you can check below their best roadmap template.

cool cat NFT roadmap sample

A unique and careful roadmap is the soul of a living NFT project. I have compiled a Top 7 NFT Roadmap for your idea and wide range.

These are the most popular and top-ranked NFT roadmap templates in the world, you can easily get ideas here for your projects. And can also create a very attractive and powerful roadmap for the NFT project.
Good luck

10 Best NFT Crypto landing page Design & Template

We will show you how can easily create an NFT landing page. Also, we are going to show our 10 best landing pages that are created by us. Landing pages are one-page websites with specific assets. It’s an online business card or flyer for your business. You can use them to promote or sell a product or service, sign customers up to your email list, or target different sorts of customers.

What is NFT Art With Examples?

NFT stands for Non –Fungible Token.

Each NFT represents

  • A real-world object like music
  • A video
  • An in-game item
  • NFTs are the digital art 

These digital assets are bought and sold online, typically with cryptocurrency. Digital artists change their lives due to getting a new crypto-audience.

NFTs are tokens that we can use to represent ownership of unique items. One NFT has one official owner at a time and they’re secured by the blockchains – nobody can modify the record of ownership of NFT that exists.

Non-fungible is an economic term to describe things like your furniture, song file, or your computer. This Stuff is not interchangeable with other items because they have unique properties.

What is NFT Landing Page?

NFT landing page is

  • single page website for describing your NFT  Idea. 
  • Marketing of your items. 
  • describe your project/business plans.
  • provides general information about NFTs.
  • Define Roadmap of your business idea
  • Show Whole NFTs  Arts Library
  • Declare Your Team that including to build 

Things Required To Design  a NFT website

You need to design a landing page related to NFTs are Following steps:-

  • You need Domain and Hosting with setup Using any CMS like wordpress etc
  • Need Documents of your whole business plan for NFT(Mission, Roadmap & Team Information)
  • Need to get designing ideas related to your NFT arts
  • NFT Collection
  • Your OpenSea and social Media Links
  • Minting Function 
  • Buying & Selling

Important  Section of NFT Landing page

  1. Header
  2. Show your NFTs
  3. Use call to action
  4. Add Functions 0r Features
  5. Add roadmap
  6. Present your team
  7. Add Discord and OpenSea
  8. Add FAQ
  9. Add Footer

How To Design Landing pages in NFT ?

In this, we will guide you in a proper way. After reading this you can easily design a beautiful and responsive landing page for your NFTs. We will guide you Step by Step in easy & unique ways.

Are you ready to Design first NFT website

You need a domain ( your website name related to your NFTs ) and hosting to manage your website data.

Then you have to connect/install any CMS on your domain.

Require plugins for designing a beautiful website

  • Marvy 
  • Enetial addon for elementor
  • Elementor kit
  • Happy addons

Create menus in the cms dashboard 

Mostly used menu for a landing page is 

  1. About Us.
  2. Arts
  3. Our Mission
  4. RoadMap
  5. Team
  6. Faqs 

Create pages in cms dashboard and edit with elementor

And design your web page from starch


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